Heath Issues among teenage girls in India

The condition of teenage girls is quite complex, especially in Indian society. During this phase of life, they go through emotional as well as physical changes, which becomes extremely challenging to cope up. Behavioral changes and habits they pick up during adolescence have a lifelong impact. In rural areas, lack of education and proper hygiene is also responsible for a number of health problems. In cities, the sedentary lifestyle led by the people has given rise to a number of health problems among teenagers, especially girls. Some of the health related problems have become among young women, and one out of every ten girls fall victim of these health issues. The common health issues among Indian teenage girls are discussed below:

India Parenting Tips for raising Teenage Girls

Teenage is the time when every boy and girl go through numerous changes. However, girls go through innumerable changes, but these changes they experience is different from that of boys. All these changes are natural and a part of the development into an adult; however, coping up with these changes is quite difficult, but you can make the process easier for them to cope with it. In addition, parents of adolescence as well goes through a lot of tensions and being efficient parents, especially for girls require a lot of understanding as well as patience. Here are a few tips to help you in good parenting of teenage girls.

Parenting Tips for Parents living in Indian Cities

Teenage is the time, which is difficult for both parents and children as it is considered to be a period of intense growth of your kids. Being fantastic parents is not at all easy and at every stage, from the birth of your child till he/she becomes adults, you need to act accordingly. Adolescence or teenage is the time when the kids need their parents the most as they go through several changes that include physical, emotional and intellectual. It is the time you should act judiciously, and there is a lot you can do to nurture them and encourage them to become responsible adults. Here are some tips for parenting teenagers that will help you raise your kids in a better way: